Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 57 - Monday

A few points.
1.  I've been feeling quite pissy and annoyed all day.  I had a physics exam which i failed in the morning, which didn't make me any happier,but I did perk up when talking about the Boosh, and to Fi.
2. Had no music =)
Which was great - I went to Oli's before dinner, then home for dinner, then back to his.  (He wasn't allowed here and I wasn't allowed there, and we wanted to see each other.. We don't seem to much.)  It was a good time, and we spent ages talking outside mine when we walked home.  We spoke about random shit, slagging off someone with a well posh aston marten in Hove (it doesn't fit.!  Oli was talking about how he'd rather buy a better house than that kinda car, which I found very amusing.) then we were talking about the future... and I think he's in the same kind of place as I am: we love having each other, and not having will be really weird, but it's just... bearable.  Neither of us seem scared of the future, which I think is a brilliant thing.  I've no idea what'll happen in the situation, should/when it arises, but for now, I'm just really happy with him.  I love him <3>
3. I showed Catherine and Skah my t-shirt (which was under my jumper and school top, so I lifted it to show them) and was putting it down again as Jordan came over, and he gave me a really weird was very, very funny xD
4. Russell Brand is a gift from Krishna.
Or God.
Whoever floats your boat.
2. Mr Russell Brand makes everything better.
Feeling quite pissy and annoyed all day.  Can't wait to leave Blatch.  On the good side, Mr Brand makes all better.

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