Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 47

Well good judo.
Working with Jamie, went through ALL of my stuff.  Well, except techniques and counters.  But apart from that.  then had randori against Nathan and Jamie, a contest about Nathan (won ;]); against Jamie (lost, but he's a lot bigger than me); then randori again, against Max.  I was Rather Tired afterwards, not to mention Rather Pink...
But it was good.
Pop choir was awesome XD  Laura and Jess have had an argument so there was just Laura by the way of old people (as well as my that is..) but was good.  We were arsing around and giving out biscuits.  We're like the food people.  They bow down to us.
Afterwards we ate homemade chocolate biscuits.  In English, that means we ate digestives with chocolate spread on them.  Nomstix.
Corals was also really good - did pilaties.  I had no idea what it was before, but it's basically a tummy work out.  Laura and I have totally noticed how much we're geting fitter, so we asked Wapham to put us on the next block.
Double IT - Laura and I got competetive about a game in which George Bush serves hot dogs....oh my lol XDD
Double ethics - well, ethics really.  Laura, Livvie and I went to the RIC for it, and blew bubbles at each other, which was really rather amusing.  I didn't write my essay very well, which defined the differences between my friends - one went, one waited.  Guess which is which....
Before that - is completely irrelevant.
Good day.  =)

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