Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day 42

A fine Sunday in Catville.  Getting a bit excited about the whole birthday thing - tomorrow, man.  I'm excited!
I think I'm going to get my friends to write happy birthday and stuff on my arms or maybe a t-shirt ... I think it's a good idea.  Agreement?
Oh yes, today!
I had a ride in the morning - of course - and was on Bill.  He's such a dude, but no one loves the poor old devil so he's really unfit... Maybe if Gou leaves I'll start working with him =]
Ooh I so so hope Gou doesn't go...I really love him.  He's a horrible beastie who bites and kicks out with his front legs, but he's such a superstar...Really.  He really really is...  Ooh.  If I could I'd have him. =[  (and if I could tack him up.  But seeing as I can't even do that, I don't think it's wise.)
Then I came home, had bacon and toast and tomatoes, and started my daily routine of doing bugger all.  I hope Fi's in tomorrow, or I'm totally screwed on the science front.
Can't be arsed to write more, as it's time for me to do all the stuff my mother couldn't be arsed with.
Again, not what to put on a public blog.

Night =)

PS: Check me out, Imma chad spac

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KatSTAR said...

Yes, 'tis good idea.