Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 48

Today I went to see Lewes college.  It was truly amazing - I like, fell in love with it.  The people there were so friendly, they really made me want to go.  The languages dept. looks really good, and there's this brilliant atmosphere that really pulled me in, and the people were friendly, chatty and helpful.
After the open day, I became really... curious for the future.  Not worried, not thinking "what if?", or "I don't want to lose him" or whatever, but just wanting to know what happens.  I saw Oli later, and was just thinking that I'm happy.  I'm pleased with how things are now, and I can't see things going wrong that soon.  Not really till I go to 6th form, when there's the possibility that it's too hard, or we/I/he meets new people.  But yknow, I just really want to know how it all ends up.  I realy, really want to look back in sixty years and say "yeah, it was worth it."  That is what I want.