Friday, 7 November 2008

Day 43 - Monday - My birthday!!

Had a great day at school - was really hyper and bouncy, had lots and lots of hugs even tho I had to bully Jordan into saying happy birthday.  my friends wrote on my arms, as planned, but the .. silly head made me wash it off.  It's stupid - she says I'm letting the school down or something (well probably, I just made that up) but she doesn't know my name.  She can tell me that again wen she does.  Well she can tell me anything, cause she didn't actually tell me that.  She has the worst dress sense of any head teacher i've ever met, seriously.
Anyway, that's basically irrelevant.

Science was funny cause Fi and I were hyper; everything else was fun cause I was hyper.  I had an awesome day, and we found a condom on the way home.

I got Russell Brand's Doing Life (<3); brilliant ="D

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Kati said...

You look pretty :)