Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 46

Odd day.
I spent loads of it annoying myself.  I felt ill this morning, then got a text which annoyed my pants off.  Since the text, I was wondering why I hadn't said anything to the person, when I could've at any point.  I'm so scared of upsetting people, I'd probably really hurt myself in order to keep them happy.  Methinks it must stop.
Also, why is RBOS in England?  Its title is very specific as to its whereabouts.

However.  Good ride.  Was jumping Frieda, and every now and then really got it good.  She's a really good horse, but wouldn't fit jumping shows: she's too long for her height jumps.  Bless.  She's the sweetest beastie, though.

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Kati said...

you look WELL cute.