Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 55

Spent the day with this chic: (who will give me a more flattering photo at some point)

And praising these things:
We went shopping lots, where we tried on tops:

THEN WE GOT THERE!!! (yknow, after getting ready and that, which Kaitey will message me pics of probably, because there are a few coolies)
This is our feet being completely different: she normally stands all pigeon toed, and I stand all manly... We is weird yeh?
More to follow with Kaitey's pics ;]

PS: We got:
Boosh t-shirts (see tomorrow's 365)
A photo of an autograph (from Mike!! The damn security guard wouldn't let him sign our tickets in eye liner - he really would've too =[ )

We did:
STALKING (we hung around outside the back entrance for an hour or so, praaaaying to meet people but only saw Noel and Mike at the window, which was really funny and noel is WELL cute!  O and Richard flashed us o=....his chesticles, I mean!)
LOLING (Noel got hit on the head by an eel!! And fell through an armchair being Tony Harrisson!! And Bollo killed the world!!!!! - he was pushing it off stage, really energetic and all, and fell over with it, oh my lord it was hillarious.  Plus, of course, the actually funny bits, like Noel then pwning the eel and riding Kaitey just said, it's "EEL TIME!!", and like Julian worrying about his testicles, and having his beard come off...ooh that reminds me, we saw Noel's undies!  And Julian's but they weren't gold. They were black.  OMG in that bit Noel was talking Chavese - a mix between chav and chinese.  OMG AWESOMENESS!!!!!)
DANCING (Bob Fossil gave a dance lesson!! In DVDs he's not normally funny but he made us stand up and we were all really into it so it was awesome!!)
CRIMPING (We crimped along with their songs, then tried to crimp them out of their upstairs room to us when we were stalking.)
MEETING (We met two really cool randomers while stalking.  They were v funny and the boy, who said Henry meaning Callum, was completely obsessed!  Running door - window, window - door.... bless :P    Then Kaitey and I, in all our cleverness, stopped running when the windowers kept screaming, cause they thought the stupid blonds up there were decent people.  We also met some really cool people with scarves, who would've happily done rapage of Noel... ;]. Flora, from my old school, was there, which was odd but cool.  And OBVIOUSLY we met Mike!! (Naboo for those of you who are silly and don't know who Mike is...))
DROOLING (esp Kait: Noel's gorgeous Noel's gorgeous noel's gorgeous noel's gorgeous noels gorgeous....repeat 40 thousand times for clue of how much Kaitey talks of such things, in those exact words :P ...  and that's just in 3 minutes!!!)


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