Thursday, 30 April 2009

Day 219

A very good ride.  Emma, Debbie and I rode out for a warmup, cantering up the gallops like the rebels we are, then Emma and I did pairs jumping!  The first bit was kinda easy, but the last jump we had to jump at the same time...James doesn't like jumping at the side when he's meant to.  Thus making that a bit of a mission...  But he did a freaking huuge jump for the last, which was fun ;]

The rest of the day was alright; spent a bit of time with Jack, though not as much as I would've liked.

However, now I'm home, thinking about french tomorrow which I only know one topic of, and hoping that I can blag it.  No one's talking to me online so I would go learn some but just can't really be arsed, tbh.

So it's time to just keep talking.  w00t.

Well, tomorrow will be ... interesting.  p1 & 2 I'll probably be speaking French throughout - that or bitching about Oli with Laura cos that was probably the most satisfying rant I've had for a while - then I'll leave a bit early to do my French shit.

OH SHIT! I HAVE THE TERMINAL TASK TOMORROW!!  That's so bad.  I hate terminal task.  I can't wait to fail music, purely because then I WONT HAVE TO KEEP DOING IT.

...aanyway.  I'll speak French through break probably, though I've no idea who to.  Prob Jack. Poor Jack =P
Then is the exam, right after break.  So I'll probably go there early (which is very rare) and sit there bricking it for a while going "why the fuck didn't I learn these fucking questions??".  Shuaib (?) should totally do French too, because he'd make me revise it like in Spanish...ah dammit.

Fuck, this is annoying.  My best friend is really unhappy and won't let me in to know what's wrong so even though I know I wouldn't be able to be overly productive, there's no way I can try.  She should know that it's annoying, esp now...

Double IT and PE then, which'll probably be kinda uninteresting.  Joyjoyjoy.

See now I'm just not in the mood for all this rantage...revision time.

Having done my revision, eaten a pork chop and eaten a lemon tart with créme fraiche (lubb), I have returned and am back in a good mood, though am slightly nervous to go online in case there's someone I don't want on there....then again I could have a go at that specific person.  Humm.  Anyway.
Back to tomorrow.
After school I'll probably spend with Jack - though that is kinda pressumptious of me to preassume so.  Though it does make sense, because I'm going to his.  Last Friday Charles told me that Steve (my old judo d00d - I've forgotten the name (Y)) wanted to talk to me, so I'm going to pop along to BHASVIC to see what he wants at 5:30ish; when the first session starts.
After that I'll be going to Jack's - I assume, again - and will be being fed there.  Not mushroom curry, thankfully.  I'm then staying there overnight, being educated in Indiana Jones (4th one - it better be ;p) and Batman (Jokerlove).  It'll be good times, I'm sure.  I'm looking forwards to it.

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