Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day 218

to edit or not to edit? ^

OK so today's been a good day on like a million different levels.  Well three.  But yano.

I didn't spend lunch with the group much, which was a kinda nice change.  I replaced it with Amy, Steph and Nanique which would've been annoying if not for talking about horses for most of it with Nanique.  I mentioned the gorrrgeous beast I found on horsemart yesterday...oooooh.
After school Jack came round, which was brilliant.  We spent ages just lying together; I'm so relaxed in his arms, it's untrue.
There wasn't actually a third thing - or not yet at least - so I'll just mention how vair humorous I found it that on the way to the busstop Jack said "now Dom [sister] or Carl [sister's boyfriend] will be at the bus stop" and both of them were.  Dom was being quite amusing, but I couldn't properly hear Carl...something about Spiderman, which Jack added something about a crotch into.
Good times baybee.

You're Just Blowing My Mind Again.

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