Sunday, 12 April 2009

Day 201

This is such an uninteresting photo it's untrue.

On Friday Kristina and I ran up to the sheep field, took photos of the horses, ran to the valley, waited half an hour, tok photos of horses.  My feet REALLY hurt....because I was in my riding boots.  Bad idea.  SO this is a photo of my rather horrible bacon plasters.  Bacon, yes.  Ew?  Yes, I concur.

I was told I could have Bobby but couldn't.  There were not enough horses so I got katie.  I'm getting too big for her.  I was so angry you have no idea...

Then, I met up with Jack and walked to Hove Lagoon for no particular reason.  We were planning on Worthing, again.  At least this time it was in the right direction ;p
He stayed for dinner which was slightly random, then we spent time listening to music an' shit.

Good times, I say.
(even if I didn't get Bobby)
(and I don't like this photo.  It's ridiculously uninventive.)

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