Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Day 211

I almost like these edits.

Suddenly I See: This Is What I Wanna Be.

Kati is very very lovely.
She sent me an email today being reeeally lovely about my meism.
This is the end of it:
I LOVE how the majority of the time you are content with your life and yourself. So few people have that quality and you're so lucky you do. And if you're actually not content and it's all just tom-foolery then BY GUM you're a good actress!

Keep sparkling, superwoman!

Lots of love, your very own Gaga-style purple tea cup.


Srsly, how cute is that.  She made me feel all sparkly and superwomany.  I like that feeling.

We got Leavers' hoodies today and they're really rather snuggly.  We all shanked Jack on the way home =P
Spent the time I could with Jack, which was good fun, though he is a very odd person who stole my toffees.
Feeling happy despite my work, and feeling very lovey.
love to all; especially you!

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