Sunday, 12 April 2009

Day 200 (ooo)

So, a review of 200 days I believe to be in order.

Though, to be honest, I can't really remember them.  I'm terrible at this stuff... d'oh.

Today's photo is of two new things: the stamp I got in to the gig with and a ring my ma gave me.  I liked wearing one on my thumb, and don't want to wear Oli's any more - esp because I have to give it back one day soon.

  1. I went to a gig with Jack and Trevor, which was cool as I've not seen Trev for ages, and we all know that Jack's just cool. (That were today (Y))
  2. Yesterday Oli and I broke up, which should've been more eventful, I think... he still thinks I'll go back to him in a month or something.  If that's what he needs to let me go, he can believe what he wants. Ish.
  3. Thursday and last Thursday I got James jumping!!  It was genius.  I love James =)
  4. My most viewed photo on Flickr became of a girl in a white bikini...I'm suprised =P
  5. Goulash left.
  6. Bobby arrived.
  7. I started to miss Goulash.
  8. Kati explained why.
  9. Kati was realyl supportive when Oli and I broke up, much much better than the person most people will guess who is ;)
  10. I started to jump 3ft on average.
  11. I got free swimming for 2 years.
  12. I became really close to Jack.
  13. I saw the Mighty Boosh!
  14. I met Mike Fielding!
  15. I stalked Noel Fielding!
  16. I got a macbook!
  17. I got a camera!
  18. I discovered photography, and thus
  19. The chance that I won't fail art.
  20. I got the angriest I've been in a long time
  21. Thus told stuff I probably shouldn't have said to a few people..
  22. I set the photography expedition for Matt and I, which will be good as soon as I get off my lazy butt.
  23. Met the complete randomers Millie met on a bus who ended up seeing Millie in a corset but ignoring it completely and miming that they wanted coffee.
  24. Alice cut me out (it's the first time I've said that)
  25. I got close to guts to tell her..but didn't because I've not spoken to her for ages
  26. Did move her down in my top friends on bebo today though. Sounds sad I know but it's kidna significant for me.
  27. Pod downloaded a MEGA photoshop thing which is totally genius because it works and is photoshop.
  28. Rediscovered love for Queen and The Offspring (yay for random music taste)
  29. Spent an hour taking photos of myself with strangers
  30. Listened to Kati's rants and complaints =p
  31. Done a lot of riding
  32. Progressed riding-wise very much
  33. Joined Flickr ( )
  34. Spent AGES trying to find somewhere to publish photos
  35. Didn't
  36. Got interviewed by little kids about Max and Goulash (arf)
  37. Discovered cheap breakfasts at the diner on montefiore road
  38. Fell in love with Russell Brand
  39. Read Brand's autobiography
  40. Rediscovered the wonders of swings
  41. Painted my jumper blue
  42. Saw Alice, on about day 35 or so
  43. Rode in Hyde Park!!
  44. I got into Varndean and (more importantly..)
  45. Lewes!
  46. Saw Noel Fielding get hit on the head by an eel!!
  47. Finished studying physics and chemistry forever XD
  48. James came back!!!
  49. Got scared shitless on a horse
  50. Found Giacc.

Now, if you want 200 things then read that list 4 times and quite complaining.

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