Friday, 24 April 2009

Day 213

Good day.
Spent it mainly with Jack and Laura, which was really cool fun.  There was no Coral's so we did tennis.  I say that, I lay on my back talking to Laura, Danni, Harriet and Alison - mostly.  Listened to Laura's iPod (and played some weird game thing) in the sunshine.  I got so into it that I took 2 of my 3 tops off and 1 of my 2 pairs of trousers.  Crazy days.
After school Jack came round and we arsed around a bit.  As I walked him to his bus stop we skipped down the road, and he ended up singing the Pokémon theme song, after we had an argument about the Power Puff Girls.  God he makes me happy.
I got back and tidied my room (i have a floor!), then went on to revise French...which is what I'm doing atm.  Ish.  Oops.

Now, stop distracting me.

I just found my new favourite spelling:
I'm such a n00b sometimes =p

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