Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 214

It's annoying that I opened online photoshop and now what I wrote has gone.

Today I spent a lot of time with Skah, which was cool because we were talking in a rather sane way about stuff.  Kids, life, future, relationships.  She thinks Jack and I are good together.  Catherine doesn't though, but I'm pretty sure she likes Jack.  Gawd, no wonder she doesn't like me...I was with Oli when she liked him too xP

Last time I wrote this I was kinda down, but Astroids Galaxy Tour just came on, and they're my pick me up of the moment...which is cool if you ask me.

Spent a lot of today wanting to see Jack...I fail at not texting.  His bad.  Srsly. =P

The two photos show my two moods of the day: dancy and distant.  I never dance for's odd.  Well I do, but can't stop thinking about people.  If I dance for myself then I wonder what other people would think of me.

Oh yeah, today..  Hannah's party was cool fun, but Teenspirit was essentially crap.  Skah and I spent an hour or something sitting on the beach talking, then Skah had to be introduced to Max so we went.  He seems a bit of a cock tbh, but whatever.  His story is a long one which won't change; promise.

That'll do.

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Matt said...

I really like the happy dancey picture :)
it reflects well on how I see you as a person at least ^-^