Sunday, 6 January 2013

I Want To Dance.

I want lust and love and a smattering of romance. But I'm no good at dancing, and yet I have to do something. Tonight I'm gonna play it straight, I'm gonna take my chance. I want to dance.

I can't remember if I posted about what it is I want in a partner. But essentially, it's spontenaity, fun, an interest in the world, and intelligence. And I think I may be one step closer to finding that. I'm seeing someone at the moment who I think is fantastic. He's funny to the point where when we joke around, I sometimes can't breathe because I'm laughing so hard. He looks at me with such affection that it makes me smile just to look into his eyes. I enjoy being in his company, I enjoy seeing how genuine and true he is. He's definitely interested in me, which I can tell because of how he acts and what he says.

"Hey, is this your girlfriend?" "Kind of . . . I hope so."

He's a Welsh poet with 80s boufant hair and beautiful green eyes. The only fault I can find is that he's about the same height as me and I usually go for people who are taller than me . . . but I am more than willing to overlook such an insignificant thing. He learns fast and lots of things about me, I trusted him immediately, to the point where I told him things so close to my heart that they're only really in this blog. Not everything, nowhere near everything, but it's amazing being around someone like him.

"now that you've said that punctuation gets you hot under the collar, I'll have to point out that that was an oxymoron."

We kissed at midnight on new year's eve, then when we were walking home he stopped me in the street and danced with me, dipping me to the ground . . . and he stopped me in the middle of the road to kiss me. Just like I've already said I want.

It's amazing.

He's travelled a lot, cycled all over the place, has a functioning family and interesting mind. He's beautifully poetic and romantic, he's passionate, he's affectionate. Pretty damned awesome.

And this is the only place that I can go all gushy because I don't particularly want to bore my friends.

At the same time, I want to document this feeling. This amazement at the chance I've actually found something that I want. I hope that this goes well. I don't see why it wouldn't, but surely, why would I? . . . So we'll maintain the hope for now.

Anyway, I'm running late to see my friends for a night of chips and wine.
Night night everyone.

Love life. Love you. Love love.

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