Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dear Me;

You know what you want from life. You much better know what you don't want from life, how you don't want to look and come across.

The question is, why do you keep drinking that much and making a damn fool of yourself (you assume, because you can't remember anything)? Fucking stop it. You're worth more than what you're giving yourself.

From now on:

Mondays - use frees to write up notes. Maybe ride in the morning, as you have until 11, but this could be a good day off. Leave Nomad in to make your life easier.
Tuesdays - write up notes after lecture, then ride in the evening. You'll have all day to work so you better get started on Event Management immediately, so that when Business is assigned, you can do one at a time and not overdo it so that you get immensely stressed. It's Penri's lecture in the morning which means you need to LEAVE the yard BY 8.30 so you can get to Penglais on time.
Wednesdays - work until about 1. Get Nomad in relatively early so that you can ride.
Thursdays - ride in the morning then work until event management. It's probably best to work on Penglais, so that you don't have to stop too early.. But that's entirely up to how you feel on the day. You've got Research Methods at 5 so you better make sure that you finish up early enough to get over to Hugh Owen.
Fridays - Make sure that you leave the yard on time. You need to learn to get up to your first alarm and you can NOT burn the candle at both ends. Both physically and materially, you cannot afford to. You can probably go out on Friday nights as you'll have the extra hour on Saturdays, but not every week. You can't afford it.

Be sensible.


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