Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 8.

Alfie, one of the cutest horses on the yard, I reckon.

I spent my day revising and stressing and eating quite a lot.  I was with Emily, in the year above me, who owns this lovely beast. That meant that I managed to revise quite a lot (because she's done most of it before me), which made me feel better about my exam.
Still managed to panic when I went to meet Becca and Melissa (who is trying desperately to be all "Becca and I are closer than you and her are HAH - which is fucking exhausting)... But by the time I left Starbucks (where they were, new thing in the union innit), I was feeling ok because Mel and I went through some of the questions and it should be ok. Fingers crossed.
Night with the boy much appreciated.


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