Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 5.

A day when every photograph I took of myself showed huge bags and unruly hair, so you get one of my pony, instead.

I may get behind on posting, but I'm still taking photos every day. Admittedly not of myself, but there we go. This 365 will document myself, the world around me, and how I react to that world.

So the 20th and 21st (and, for that matter, the 22nd) primarily involve a lot of good will and not a lot of practicality and getting things done. I try to revise but I'm absolutely shot, completely exhausted.. Which makes it pretty challenging to make anything sink into my ridiculous brain box.

I've spent a lot of time with the boy of late (which of course I enjoy), which means he's often there when my friends are. I tihnk they're starting to be aware of this because they keep saying that they've missed me. At least they're making it obvious because this way I can address it. I'll make sure to go to his a bit later, so that I can spend time with Becca and everyone more. I definitely don't want Becca to feel like I'm neglecting her; she's one that I want to stay friends with for, well, ever, really.

My back's not really getting better. I thought it was on the 20th & 21st but woke up on the 22nd and could barely sit up to change my alarms. It's not a good thing.I'm getting completely ahead of myself; I'll have to think of vaguely creative things to put in posts on the upcoming two days.....


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