Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Easy now, wild one.

I am debating whether or not to do another 365... I think I might, ladies and gents! How very exciting!
This idea began because i was thinking ablut how this year has got off to a flying start. Young DM, who i'm seeing at the moment, is making me one hell of a happy bunny quite regularly (see previous posts - i'll try not to keep gushing about kissing under the stars or dancing in the street tooo much..) and it's going rather well. Much to the misfortune of my friend Fe, who has never seen me soft on a guy before (we weren't really close when i was with Henrik), who seems to not enjoy it quite as much as he and i do. Oh well though, it's good fun. It's strange how much yesterday i didn't want him to leave when he had plans to. I kept quiet, but still. Anyway, that's not the point. Probably.
the problem with having this level of emotion, because i do like the boy quite a bit, is that Henrik and I broke up for a reason. It would be really hard work. This is one of the things that Becca has had the sense to point out to me ince I arrived here; I have a lot on what with the horse and uni work and the impending doom for whenever I can actually get a job... He also works quite a bit, so spare time would not be in abundance. it truly would be hard.I say this... he us a different person to those that i've been with before. he's a hopeless romantic so I'm damn near certain that he would put work into the relationship and would help make it work... I guess this will have to be a caae of trying and seeing. Because I don't want to quot now, not after what he's said to me and how he treats me. No no. Instead, I think that i'll talk to him about it and let him know that it's on my mind. Then we can take things a bit slower, perhaps, see how it goes when we're both working for uni, etc, again, and when NOmad's back. I know he'd be willing to help me with NOmad, which is cool. Make things easier on one front.
I guess I'll just have to chance my arm...Though i'm pretty cert that rejection is a slim risk, to say the least!:-)

Anyway. I started writing this post instead of revising, on the train to Colchester to see Becca for her birthday. This is exciting. I've not seen her since the 17th of December so may heaven help anyone who's near us when we meet again. I think we may squeal. It feels exciting going to Colchester, a place i've never been. Living it up in Essex! We're going to go to the zoo and everything. Awesome. And see my dear broseph, not to mention her lovely dogs and family and whatnot. The only problem with this is that i have to stay awake for more than about 20 minutes when i'm off the train, and i am exhaustd.

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