Monday, 29 June 2009

Day 278

I don't much like this picture of me, but it's the only on i took - that i've found so far anyway.

I spent today with Kati at Hickstead.  It was genius.  We took millions of photos (which are freakishly similar even though we took them without trying to time them the same or anything.  Not least because that'd be a crap thing to spend your time doing.) and laughed about beveridge coolers (a.k.a. fridges), stalked Claire Balding (well, looked at her on a hill and Kati obsessed), saw Jodie Kidd (though she lost her race, she was Jodie Kidd, which makes up for it) and Kati bought socks and an umbrella.

Not to mention chips.

The commentator was really funny.  He was introducing someone and said "so here's...Jeffry Osbourne! Hello Jeffry!"

Lotsa photos.
Check Flickr (sometime soon maybe =/) if interested.

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