Saturday, 20 June 2009

Day 270

Today was a truly genius day with Jack.  I went swimming in the morning (standard 30l) so was late round his, then we arsed around a bit in the hole between his bed and wall, then went to mine.  Before dinner, we played neopets and it was seriously funny.  We get too competitive, considering it's a game dominated by 10 year olds.  At one point we totally owned this person who was trying to be bitchy by stopping them finishing, then taking their finish.  Geenius.
Then we had dinner, went to get stuff from mum's for father's day because Pod and I forgot about it, made me a honey and lemon (it was kinda gross and didn't help my poor lil throat that much) then played neopets again, until it was time to, well, sleep.  i set an alarm for when to send him home, and after that went off we stood by the door for ages, talking.
A very good day.

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