Monday, 15 June 2009

Day 265

I am in a very good mood, having just watched Queer As Folk with my mum until we ran out of episodes.  It was really fun, actually.

The day I spent with Jack, leaving him only for a singing lesson which was at 1:30 and wore me out totally, because I sang 2 songs - a lot - both of which need a lot of breath and diaphragm (however it's spelt) control which make them hard.  The pleantiful singing of them meant that I ended up walking home really rather slowly.  Little Boots picked me up though =)

I then went to Jack's and ate pizza with sweetcorn on and fell asleep.
It was good sweetcorn.

Picture taken on my phone off Skype.  Rocking or what.

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Jacinth said...

Hi.. it i like u r post it's realy nice but tel me more about u & jack plzz..