Saturday, 27 June 2009

Day 276

Today was my dad's unofficial birthday, so we went out for lunch.  As soon as I got back I went riding - having brought some rather fetching trainer socks because apart from them I have none which stop far below my knee - and was on Willis.  Ray advised not to buy him, because he's too much of a risk (which I think will just make it easier becasue I don't think my dad would've for the exact same reason - Ray'll probably just say "fair enough" when I say no, now), but I'm definately having him for the two months.  I'm looking forwards to a good ride on my ownsies on Weds morning.
When I got back from riding, I went to Jack's, he fed me and played me his MJ megamix, impressive I say, then went back to mine, where we watched a bit of Forrest Gump (ilovethatmovie) and then went to bed.  It was nice.  Vair nice.  

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