Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Day 97

I like this photo.

Rode James on 2 hour today!!
He was fabulous, no pulling, just really steady and relaxed.  I love him ever so =D
Spent afternoon with Kaitey, arsing around then watched BFQotY =]
Wasn't bad - Michael McI. was probably besty.
Then bussed back to Bton with Kati (see, i spell it her way now..) but she got off with Chloe and Yana at Lewes.  between there and Elm Grove, the bloke i was sitting next to chatted me up.  I didn't even know what he was saying, he accent was so thick.
I just realised I'm talking about the wrong day.
I'll talk about feeling ill today on today's post.

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