Monday, 15 December 2008

Day 84

You can't much see this, but I totally have a Christmas tree.
Shoes Kaitey tried on
Mr. Betts in wellies with golf clubs, but you can't really see that.
Me looking manly.
Hanni and I =D
(he moved)

I'm ignoring that usual "re" stuff for a minimum of today - I might jsut do the re things when I'm not feeling good or whatever.
But too much happened today.

I'll start at the begining:
Goulash really, really scared me.  I've never been genuinely scared on a horse, but he made me, he realyl did.  In the sheep field he bucked huge, almost bronching like he used to when he first arrived.  I know he's got attitude but I really never thought he would do that with me... I dunno.  He launched himself into the air because Ben came past him so close and then did it again with Queenie, but she wasn't even that near.  I'm proud that I stayed on, but he was being very malicious.  Very, very malicious.  In the second field, he did the same thing again and I screamed at him so loud he didn't try it again.  If I wasn't so proud, I would've turned back straight after that, but I'm really glad I didn't.  I thought I was going to cry.  Diane was being really lovely to me and I was going to turn back with Debbie after getting to Blackcap, but Brady said he'd swap.  I have never been so grateful; I had this feeling in the pit of my stomch that something would go completely wrong.  Also, he was on Hanni, who's absolutely lovely and I've fancied the look of for a while now.  Goulash didn't try anything with Brady (blatez purely cause he's so much heavier than me XD) and I got talking to Diane and him again.  They have got a new chocolate lab, who is GORGEOUS.  Anyway, Hanni was lovely and the rest of the ride was brilliant.

I met up with Kaitey after lunch and went around town a bit, taking various photos as dotted around the place.  Well, above.  It was good times, I got pressies for her so now she has the power of the GOTH JUICE (made from the tears of Robert Smith).
Good times ;].

Then I went to Belinda's for her birthday celebrations, which was funny and tipsy XD ... Mum told me to be there at 4, I got there at 5, she got there at 6.  -.-
So yeh, that's that.
Then I spoke to Oli for a while, then went to bed.

Good times.

Big batch of lovelovelove going out to Kaitey.

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Yay. Love barrels.

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