Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 88

I like these socks.
Amy looking cute in a cat hat xD
Skah looking like a drag queen...
Jordan blurred through coach seats
Millie and I
Millie looking attractive
Catherine pretending to not want pics =P

Great day!
Music exam was pretty crap, prob failed.  But there we go.
Then exchanged secret Santa gifts (I got Skah a Les Mis. DVD thing which I think she liked, and Millie got me a collage thing she made which is genius, and these awesome lil things to put on the top of your keys XD).  Catherine, Millie and I went out to megabreakkie at the Diner down Montefiore rd, which was v nommy.  We then got a lift from Pod to school early for Bluewater trip.  We watched the end of NMtB (XDD) which was genius cos it was the one where Simon gets on Phil's shoulders XDDDDD
Anyway, we then got on the coach, got hyper, got bored, left, got hyper, got bored, got hyper, arrived, got UBER hyper.  Good times man!  We bounced around, ate chinese, (well Skah and I did, and I kept having to shut Jordan up by feeding him prawn crackers)


Kati said...

Bluewater <3

The fact you have now been to Bluewater means that I can't be the first to take you to Bluewater.

Not that I had plans to.

CatataC said...

But you did...