Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 95 - Boxing day

Spent the day with Dad (We're gonna go see Cirque du Soleil =D) and went to Norma's at about lunch time.  Everyone but we were rather hung over!  Dad had an ok day yesterday, which is good.
OMG didn't mention Wallace and Gromit!! It was AWESOME.
That's behind the point.
Best bits of the day::
1- Jon and Setao (however it's spelt..) are getting married!!! They've only been together twelve years - they don't like to rush said things :P
2- Norma's oven blew up the day before.  Talking about that was very, very amusing.
3- Singstar.  Ooh it rocks.
4- Getting a battlewheelsbotthing! It was brilliant fun, even tho mine didn't work.  bummer cos normally it's a Jon, James, Pod thing - I was well pleased I was included, then it didn't bloody work -.-   Fortunately, I was allowed to tax Jon's.
5- My top was really cool (new - Christmas buy =))
6- Jon was being really nice and supportive of my horse-type ambitions.  Just saying that if I'm dedicated enough, get enough contacts and try hard enough then there's not really anything to stop me...he reminded me of Gilbert, when he said"To make money at anything, you have to be good at what you keep at it."
Good ol' relatives.

O, btw, we got Gilbert such a cool xmas present - two mugs, one with a tractor handle and the other with tractors driving around the edge.  Lol.

Dad got me new speakers , which is double genius cos: they look wikidcool, and are really useful cos a couple of months after he bought them i asked for a new CD player, cos mine's about to give up xD
Good times.

And happy christmas for yesterday.
I forgot that one...hehe.


PS: computer still not loving me.

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