Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 94 - Christmas!

Because I didn't write this on the day(on the blog), I will quote from something I wrote at the time, adding to throughout the day..

Normally, Pod and I have a present spaz, then breakkie, then open the presents under the tree.  But becuase Pod worked last night and because of the boys, the day will have a totally different layout.
At the moment it's 6:24 am, and no one but the boys and I are awake.  I've been awake since 5 or half past, I think, dozing every now and then...
We went to a Christmas carol service in the was a bit crap.  The boys were whining and not exactly loving it at all, so R&M were running after them.  Mark and mum then took them for a walk (home) and Rox and I stayed for a bit.  The carol we sang once they were gone was dreary and boring, as were the ones throughout.  The best it got was Away in a Manger, at which point I was outside with Mark and the boys, stopping them from running into the road.
I got:
Pants.  Choccie santa.  TINSELWORM!.  Tatoo plasters.  BOOSH BOOK. 3D drawing thing.  "The Girl's Book".  RED CONVERSE.  A new charm for my bracelet.  Cornelia Parker book.  ANGUS THONGS ETC.  
And a few more bits and bobs.

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Kati said...

I swear that be the wig I were gonna buy.