Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 317 / I should be asleep.

An eventful day.

The morning was what I do on most days; saw Jack and drank milk and ate a ham sandwich cut into triangles (^,^) and looked for Kati's top and got Jack's pocketwatch back.

I decided to cycle to riding. I got very close to all the way before passing too close and too fast to another biker (thus my fault and I get that) before coming off. I pushed my bike to Hamsey slightly shakily and these guys beeped and gestured to see if I was OK. Then they pulled over, opposite Hamsey, in the bus stop, as I found out when I saw them. (dur). One, the driver, asked for my number. I didn't hear what he said exactly, something about how he'd take me out and (following is what I've basically made up) make me feel better. Lulz.

james was good in the lesson but it was horrible to tack up James. I washed off my elbow (coming off I had made my elbow bleed and given myself some gorgeous bruises on my right knee. Wonderfully enough the small one on my left knee is close to hurting more because it's right on the joint.) and tacked up the lovely beast, looking at another which Marc was grooming and Ray later tried to sell to me, then went and found Sue who was very nice and bandaged up my elbow (put a sticky plaster on it then cut off the end of another so that it was long enough. Which makes sense only to me but whatever).
I then fed round using Robyn and whoever I rode with as tools. The girl who helped feed came off when Paddington swerved nastily (as Ray pointed out, he did a Goulash o=), but was fine. The other girl in the lesson was good; bulshy. Needs confidence. Doesn't give the chance for the horse to take the piss. Good start.

I went to the co-op and hurt a lot.
I got home and hurt a lot.
I didn't eat much.

I went to bed and got depressed again. I keep cutting myself off when I'm not happy; I go offline from everything and cocoon myself in words; this time Dido's and Tracey Chapman's (Fast Car and Don't Leave Home, mainly).

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