Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 311

I love my new shirt. Bought when with Fi, worn today, looooved today. Rocking.

As ever, I spent the day with Jack and had a good time; we were v much raving it up. Ish.

I left early and made brownies, which will be eaten tomorrow for desert because they're nicer the day after they're made. The mixture was nice, I must say =P.

Then spoke to Alice and Jack.

Then Rachael, Ed (her boyfriend) and Beccy came round bringing Dave (R&B's father (lol)). Rachael's alright, and Ed reminds me of Victor which is weird because they are /completely/ different. It's just the smile and way he makes eye contact mostly..I mgiht actually be making it up about Victor, but it still reminds me of him xP

Then I spoke to Jack and went to bed. It was wild.

To gay pride or not to gay pride tomorrow?

PS: please ignore my face in this photo.

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