Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day 322

I don't like my face in this photo but my shoulders look less offensively wide, so there we go.


I now know his real name. o=!

So today.
musical theatre was first and that was genius because we did a song from We Will Rock You which is wicked. And the guy who was running the session was brill because he was so camp in a friendly and approachable kinda way, which is rare and good.
Second was something apparently uninteresting because i've forgotten what it was.
Then was break which amused me because everyone blocked Tim and me out of the circle so we sat behind them and said that we didn't like them, then spoke of Twittr internet and biscuits.
Then was..Ryan and makeup and I dressed as a weirdly convincing Elvis with gold glasses and a gold mic and all. We have a performance piece with him which is gunna be really really good from the sound of it =D
Lunch was relatively uninteresting. Spent it with Phoebe and Tim basically, wihchi was cool cause Phoebe's really nice
Then was Ben MW (hawhaw) with Shakespear which was good because he gave us the main elements from Macbeth and we in two groups came up with different interpertations of the things which was really interesting..
Then break, Tim and Phoebe again but with a succesful trip to the student shop and filling up some water.
Then Kate. Kate's brill and we have her for a performance too so it was great. We made an advert for selling kids which was funny; I was a couple with Phoebe and we sold our kid (then Phoebe was the kid who was sold which was a bit confusing). But yeah.
The opera afterwards was also really good even though my mum was tetchy with me being hungry and was trying to get me to take opera singing lessons.
It was the little mermaid without the air of disney.

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