Sunday, 29 March 2009

Day 186, 187 and 188

I went to Ireland and it was awesome.
Travelled arrived and ate...good times.  My cousins are vair cute.
We had a really nice meal all dressed up and stuff.  The photo taken afterwards as I took my shoes off...and I really like it.  I had a really nice time, and loove talking to Mark - he's great =)

Swam 30 lengths before breakfast and 10 after return from Dublin.  Spent most of day in Dublin, talking to Mark and sometimes slagging off the meal, which wasn't brilliant...but mine was nice so I spent most of the time sitting and humming.  Mark told me I shouldn't stop photograhy...whether I take it as an A-level or not, if I keep taking photos and build up a portfolio then I cold probably get on courses.  It's passion people look for.
Homey homey home. <3
Although it's been a great time, I can't say I'm sad...because that would be lying.  It's just nice to be home because I like home.  Went straight upstairs to computer, for a while, then to bed.  Lovely =)

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