Thursday, 26 March 2009

Day 185

I did the spring concert today and it was vair uninteresting.
I was meant to sing middle section on Anamanakule or whatever it is, but ended up singing top because i managed to get to the end of the line accidentally.  Oops.

Felt photo relevant because not only did I do the Spring concert (it feels like ages ago now that it's ten to twelve..), but I also did a LOT of my music...which is actually almost good. Ish. A start none the less.  =))

I think I will miss you.
All of you.
i will not miss tomorrow except that I talk to Jack a lot on Fridays and that's always fun...but I'd be with Jacob and Simon alone in PE.  I can think of better pass-times.
I think I'll mostly miss Kati, Oli and Jack...because they're cool and I have genius timeses with them. (plus the obvious bit with Oli of, yknow, i love him.  I love the others too, just in Rather different ways.)
Lovelovelove to allallall. (i'm in one of those moods.) xxx

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Kati said...

You'll miss me? Why? Where are you going?