Saturday, 21 March 2009

Day 179 & 180

These two days  have been combined because I'm cool.  The explanation is exactly what i said to Jack about these days because it just shortens the time it takes to write this blog.
Geddit? Godit? Good.
Well, Friday was cool - went to pub with Oli and his parentals, then back to mine and had a curry and watched Life of Brian, then straight to bed cos i almost fell aslep in the best bit of the film (where they're singing Always Look on the Bright Side of Life whilst being crucified).

Today, Oli left about half 11 or something, so i went to town with my mum around then.  Bought a present for Carolina (which was very very funny because my mum was being so..tehe) and Millie (which is just cool) and clothes for me cox...i'm speshul ^,^
Then met Pod in town and went food shopping (crazy days) and that took AGES.
Er yeah.  My feet hurt a lot my the end of that.
Then got in, started cooking for tomorrow, came online, continued cooking, and now am here.

No really, I do, not just cos she commented angrily, but because she is my skeletal moth and I scared her and I cant remember how.  Yay!

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Kati said...

Ahem ahem you missed something very important!