Monday, 2 March 2009

Day 161 - Monday

Productive day, and I like the shade of blue that my top is.

Remembered to go to my singing lesson, which was good fun.  There was maths after school which i did with Fi, Jack and "Brad", as Lindfield calls him.
Then Jack and I hung around for a while before my music, looking at places where I could take my photo of Kati and Mike, which I'm really looking forwards to.  With a bit of luck it'll be done on Saturday, which would be genius...
When Jack went I called Mike and made him come to hove park to re-take the photos I only took on his phone.  I got 2 good ones, which isn't bad cos I only took about 10 in total.
The best ones and the 2nd best (3rd best? wh'ever) are all on here, though that's probably the most pointless link ever cos only Kati reads this haha.
Anyway.  Music was ok because I was doing the kinda thing I actually wanted to, and was in the right mood to get stuff done.  I wasted about half an hour going through my phone, though, and being told that I fancy Mike, which pissed me off a Lot.  i mean seriously - if I fancied him for so long wouldn't I do something about it?  Urgh.  I strongly dislike who told me that sometimes.  Maybe I should act all off with her tomorrow.  Not that she'd notice or care.  Aah fuck it, I'll go off with Jack.  He's cool.
Summed up the day with lots and lots of art...just nothing that I'm actually meant to do.  Oops.  I hope I don't get a detention - I don't wanna break my record of none!
Well, there we go.
An OK day - good but with annoying bits.

Have a good night's sleep, y'all.

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