Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day 309

The glasses Loona wears!
                                                                 ^Oasis (Y)
Today was pretty genius.

I spent the morning with Jack and didn't feel that great, shall we say, but he cheered me up by doing Swedish accents and Finnish songs.  It was good times xD

I then met Fi and we hung around a bit.  I found a lumberjack shirt I like!! and bought a 98p white strap top in primark because it was 98p.  It's too big, but that's irrelevant.  We then didn't know what to do after that so wondered around, and I saw Victor who I gave respect to as we passed on escalators (how cool is that ;P), with Jack Valeri.  Fi and I then ate outside Debenhams and went to the lanes and wandered around.  We then went back to Borders and looked at children's books and picture books - there was an amazing one of Beauty and the Beast (I now want to watch the Disney version).  Fi's truley obsessed with Draco Malfoy.  And Ron.  And general Harry's ridicularse.  We went to HMV and saw Mr Gordon playing games with his son, then left Churchill Sq and saw Laura and Jess which was amusing - they're cool.  THEN just as I left I ran into Mike and the famous Hugh, who I think I scared slightly.  Or something.  Strange.  They are weirdly tall. Weird.

I'm now e-mailing Seona for advise on horses.  Because the one sired by Unbelievable Darco is slightly unrealistic.

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