Monday, 20 July 2009

Day 298 and 299

Day 298
On day 297, we went to Newmarket only for the races (suprised?) which was really rather good.  I won £9.20! (but ended up with -80p.  But that's entirely irrelevant.)
We went to Newmarket with my mum and her dave, Dave's friend Dave2, his wife Barbara, and their two sons James and Thomas.  They were never Jamie and Tom, or anything, and Barbara was Very in control of their lives.
I slept at their house, in Thomas' room.  It was a genius room.  It was really stylish and modish. Lovelovelove I say.
And a genius taste in DVDs.

The morning after the night before, we went to Roxy's after I had the piss taken out of me for eating three weatabix (it was an accident, I didn't understand the packet =/), and complimenting Thomas on his style and DVDs.  There, Dave left us and we spent ages with Rox Mark and the boys in a park and playing in the water which was very cute.  I stayed up late talking to Roxy then Roxy and Mark, which I loved.  I really enjoy spending time with them, so have now planned to take Jack to see them on the 2nd of August.  And I get some babysitting on the 4th, which will be good.  And easy.  and an earner.  Thus yay.

Day 289
So many mood swings so little time.
Srsly, all the time.  Excited; grumpy; happy; angry; contended; wanting to punch someone in the face; really really buzzing.  Then grumpy.  Then I fell asleep.

Like my hats?

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