Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Day 307

It rained all morning so I rode out on Sophie on possibly the fastest five mile ride ever - we did it in less than 45 minutes because neither of us were much enjoying the rain.
I didn't turn the horses out onto the common because I thought that I'd long rein Lily, because it's amusing, but it was pointless because I couldn't be arsed.  I just sat in the kitchen pining for a cup of tea for about ten minutes and a slice of toast, then turned them out.  My chapps were wet.

We left at 11:10 and arrived at 14:something.  We had lunch v sharpish after that - bacon tortillas (with various sauces.  Tomato pesto and mayo was my favourite combination) - then I went to Jack's and spoke to his mum for ages, until (i thought) Jack and I would be late for dinner.  Becky, Dave's daughter, was there, and making a k-nex guitar with Pod.

Shit happened then I went to bed and didn't sleep for long enough - by way of a change.

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