Friday, 10 July 2009

Day 290

As I write this I am seriously happy.


I was commented on one of my photos on Flickr by a woman called Jenny K Markbell, who said she wanted to publish one of my photos in Sussex Life magazine.
I have no idea what that magazine is but still - this is the first time any photos of mine have been recognised - I'm so so so pleased!

Here is said photo:

stayed up far too late updating my diary and reliving my Easter holidays.  Probably the most eventful ones I've had.
Felt all passionate this morning, when I woke up too early, but that quickly died away.

Anything else?
Not at the moment.

I'm talking to my dad - so byeee.

I just got back from my singing.
It was horrible.
I didn't know part of the theory (improvisation.  Ironically enough my strongest point. Ha.) was happening, I got the minor scale wrong because I didn't practice it only descending, I got the arpeggio wrong.
And now Sam's here.
I do not want to see Sam. Not now. Sam is genius but I don't want to see him when feeling like this.  I have to go riding later too.  I don't want to do that if with anyone, and on that shite little ride that happens on Fridays.  Maybe I'll go early.

OK guys let's regroup.
It's positive thinking time.

I did really well recognising what things mean on scores, because of previous pianoing experience and those cool little cards Ambrose gave me.
Jude said I sang really well - and I did well on the last piece.  The high notes in WoB were kinda crap but the low ones were good.  Well I'll think that anyone.
I'm getting that opportunity with photography.
Then there's everything else.
There's no need for tears baby.

It's time to decide what photo to send of me.

Well hi again guys.

I went to see Jack after selecting what photo to send and sending it (I chose the one Kati took of me in the woods, which she says looks summery. =) See it here), which was good.  We just walked to the bus stop and talked a lot, which was just fun.  I ate a ripple.  I then got on the bus and realised that my iPod was flat which was annoying.  The bus was way full so getting off it was tedious, but soon enough I was on Big W and racing Kim.

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