Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fond enough to be scared.

You seem like a very sound person.  You make me laugh so hard I can't talk, you're affectionate, you're sweet.  You're a little bit short but I really don't give a shit.
You partly remind me of JMJ and of JB.   I'm not sure how much I like that, but it seems to be the best bits of at least one of them.  I think you might be clingy.... but I can deal with that.  I think.

I would like to better know you.  I would like to find out if the face that I'm looking forwards to getting back to Aber because it means seeing you is because it's you, not because it's someone like you.  These are the things I will never get past.  I will never get into a relationship or whatever without wondering this.

Talking to myself but never listening.

I will always, without fail, wonder whether or not I'm going back to old habits or whether I'm falling for the person.  I tend to put the best people in "the friend zone", which I think happened with JB, but there we go... I bet we can see what happens well enough.  I just know that I'll be scared, and will force you to take it slow between us.  And it won't become "facebook official" for a while to say the least.  I don't want people to know about me at the moment, and I don't know why.  I think that's kinda a sign when it comes to you; I told you so much, so fast.

I keep trying to say flaws with you ... I think that's a sign of my defences being raised just a wee bit.  That's not fantastic... But whatever, we'll see.

Fingers crossed and hopes conserved... Head first, fearless.

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