Monday, 18 June 2012

Photo Forty Seven

Time flies when you're exploring

Hi guys!  Sorry about the silence; but I've been really freakin' busy, and haven't had a lot of internet access so haven't been able to bog much.

So I've been working at Castle Leslie in Ireland recently, which is so far an amazing experience which is inspiring me to work everywhere that I ever want to.  I've fallen in love with a horse called No Name (so not really called anything, but still.  I call him Nomad, but I don't think it'd stick) and would love to have him, but I'm not sure that I'm a good enough rider; he's not cantered with someone riding him yet, so is very very young and has only been sat on ten times.  Less than, really, Dermot (who trains him) said.

It's a lot of work here, but it also is inspiring me to remember that horses /are/ what I love and what I want in my life.  I'll have to be sensible and driven and work hard and, I can imagine riding Nomad from place to place in America or the continent of Europe - or both - until I find someone, something, that makes me want to stay.  Marry an attractive farrier which would save on bills and be a few friends' fantasies, ahah.

I guess that this experience, working and living with girls who are really lovely and working on a yard where I've always wanted to be, is just reminding me of my previous blog post.  I'm really happy that I'm able to remember what I want and I'm going to do it.  The only problem is that I can no longer be bothered with university; I'd rather get going.  I'll complete it, of course, but the concept of the future is so exciting!

We'll see.  I look forwards to riding from place to place...... I'll do it at least once, promise.  :) <3

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