Saturday, 4 February 2012

Photo Twenty Four

I don't know why people don't believe in love. It must be really depressing. I think some people believe in it too uch. That's how some people get so hurt, I'll bet. But to be fair, it's kind of an exciting idea. In a way. It does depend on your definition of love, but my definition is one I'm looking forwards to.. And it will mean someone who won't turn to be a dick. Maybe I'll just already know that they are - and love them for it. Because as long as it's real, it's amazing.

That was a slightly random moment but there we go.
I have a new flatmate - isn't that exciting. Apparently she doesn't speak much English and bought an army of men to help her move in, but apparently they have three month long crash courses in English so Alisha (however it's spelt) reckons she's doing that. Makes for exciting times. Or would, if I'd seen her.

I can't wait for my pappy to visit in 2 weeks :) He's taking me to dinner on Saturday the 18th, which will be lovely!
He's already giving me advice about bills next year. This could be tricky - but I think we'll just split it 5 ways. I hope it'll be that easy.

It's time for me to go and ride my favourite horse with my favourite instructor teaching me. Fan bloody tastic :)

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