Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Texts I Like.

My text inbox is getting very full, but I don't want to delete most of the messages, so i'm going to write them here where no one will read them.

Oh cuteness.  I have a toothbrush.  It's... Quite nice.  Pleasant enough.  I smell oranges.

Mum: (with reference to Varndean interview):
Excellent - was hoping it'd be confidence boosting! I'll come with you to Lewes if you like- ... think you're a very clever and wonderful girl and am very proud of you.

Did (same):
Everybody wants you because you're wonderful - imagine how nice Blatch would be to you!

Oli (with reference to Snaps):
Hope you enjoy them and I love you too very much!

Joe Bardy:
I run from anything that's not a crumpet, dorito or bacon.

Tron (after he poked me over a wall):
Don't fall over.

Hammy (after long conversation about rape and how it's ok if you say "suprise"):

Aw laptop went.  Had an awesome convo tonight...soberness, pretty girls, synchronised song playing and  'terminally single' for the world...HOLD YOUR JAR!

... Monroe loves you.

=.) Monroe for lifeee!

Fi (while reading New Moon):
Omg! Edward is such a wanker, I can't believe he left! Wht hasn't he come back yet!!!!!!!

....I felt thinks click a lot better since we had gone to Ludlow.

What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

Where's the cellotape?

I see... why do you have your mother in your pocket?

OK.  I just accidentally walked onto an escalator.

Very likely that if you blew up a house it will end up a bit bent.

You are me and I am you yet together we are still different people.  How do I know this?  Because I am wearing striped jeans.

I am trying to work out why people are soemtimes turned on by politicians.

Quick question: would the boxers have Sky+?

Dear diary: week 3.  Things v good.  Saw some cling film yesterday - bought it.

Happy birthday to the indisputable top cat.

That's a nice grin.  Anyway you're a good rider.

Laura (nb: we were together when she sent this):
Hello cat! How are you? Sitting there eating chocolate you fatty.  I love you xxx

Thanks Cat, it's another world up here, beautiful.  The horses look so happy and calm.  Cat keep at the riding you have a natural talent most don't.  Take care

You kill someone again? What did I tell you about killing people?

So then I says, don't put the cat in the bag, put it in the sink!

Good for the horse, bad for the carrot.  Proverb!

Laura (giving me her number):
Oh my god it's cat! Hehe you puppy.  I love you...guess who xxx

I am standing on a carpet.  It is good.

Did I tell you Ed did that dance in only his pants?  It was hillarious.

I'm gonna get a ukelele tomorrow! Why? Because I can!

Well I'm not sure what you mean but I'm not suprised we're still together as I find there's something about you that I can't go without and Ilove you ever so!


We're discussing television boxers, and you're worried about distractions?

(somewhere near the giant's causeway) "like all hotels it had some problems with service - one day half the kitchen fell into the sea."

Wonder what Goulash would be like in hell he'd probably bite the devil's butt.

On the door in reception - 'please keep door closed when entering or leaving' - ?
Reply: Maybe they want you to walk through it?
Guess so, but there is a handle.

o= I saw you at the bus stop! Graham says he likes men.
Graham says he will pick them up at 7.

My hovercraft is full of eels.


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