Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 130 - 132

I'll finish this post when I get the photos, but for now I'll just explain...

The above photo was taken outside the loos at the local pub in Kingston Blount.  It's an odd pub; really old and rustic on the outside, then all modern on the inside.  Odd combo, that.  The place we stayed was lovely; a woman's house, basically.  Pod and I shared a twin room and Mum and dave shared the other.  P and mine was so much better; the first morning the sky was beautiful and you couldn't even see it from their's.  Anyway.  Friday night is where we are at the moment.  We arrived kinda early; about 6 or something, having left at 4, which was a really good journey.  We settled in and then went to the pub for a rather nice meal.  We then went back and played games and stuff, before I went to bed and read and drank hot chocolate.  Good times.

breakfast at 8:30, which we ate with the other guests who were a really nice couple.  We found out that they came from Friday to Sunday so that they could eat lunch at the Manoir and spend Sunday in Oxford - the exact same reasons we did!  It was quite funny.  We went for a lil walk, then into Chinnor, then got ready.  I wore an old black lace dress of my mum's, and it's gorgeous.  I was really happy with how I looked.  Pod wore a cool jumper my mum made her ex hubby ages ago and it suited him.  The meal, oh my.  It was amazing.  The tastes all worked so perfectly together, and the waiters were SO brilliantly trained - each time a dish was placed down, they would put them down at exactly the same time and in the right order: ladies first; younger boylikething first.  Heheh!  It was brilliant.
We got back at about half 6 (having booked for 2 and arrived about 1:30...!) and played board games til bed (hehe)

We ate breakfast again, then drove into Oxford.  It's a beautiful place; really old with beautiful buildings and amazign churches..  I've decided to go to uni there so that I can get to know it better:P
(though somehow I think not)

We got back and I got my Lewes interview!  I'm kinda nervous...but they said more about it than Varndean did.

Well, that'll do...I might update and stuff when I get the photos, but who knows.

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