Friday, 26 September 2008

Day Four.

I lay in the rec for ages today. I had a fantastic day. I was with Laura for the vast majority of it and Jess for some too. They are so cool.

Now, have a taste of day:

Ethics1: Pulled faces at Laura and took very few notes.

Ethics2: Sat with Laura, Caz and Livvie. Not bad - Laura and I started laughing - for a change - then actually did some work and spoke about how we prefer Philos to Ethics. (Ethics1 being Ethics, with Gordy, and Ethics2 being Philos, with Worthington)

Double IT in which I did very little.

PE was well hard...we had a work out at Corals. I didn't feel it at the time but now I'm knackered.

Laura, Jess and I then went to Pop Choir. It was well good XD. Whoever that kid was with the American accent when singing is just weird, though highly amusing...

Then we went our seperate ways, walking home. Jess and I split at Hove Park and Laura left after we bought milk at One Stop. It was WELL good - there were three people in a row buying exactly the same type of milk, exactly the same size. Go us and that randomer =D

When I left Jess I walked back on myself then up Woodruff Ave. or whatever it's called, then along a long long road that has a hill in, then through the rec. I stopped at the same place as yesterday and sat down, listening to The Offspring. I took photos and lay on my back, basking in the sun. It was glorious. I went home at some point, and went on to judo afterwards, which was good fun but hard work because we were arsing around so much! 3 groundhold competitions (Charles, Jamie then Eve...=/), then Eve and I were out the front throwing, then we played the belt game (Jamie and I won...;]) and the sponge game....and that's about it.

Then i came home, ate fish and chips, and started talking to people. And now time to return to those people, and Russel Brand's standup.

Apologies for such a rant.


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