Saturday, 2 January 2016

The greatest time of change in any one person's life

... It's got to be the past ten years. If not, then the past 7 and it'll continue for 3 more; but I find it remarkable how much I have changed.

Aged 14 I had my first boyfriend (see early posts on this blog, CRINGE); age 16 I had my second. Thought I knew it all, thought I was able to understand the ways of the world and how to deal with things that were far out of my ken. Where I would now let someone deal with things in their own way, I decided that it was my way or the highway and tried to force my decision of "how to cope" on this person. For that I must apologise. As a 16 year old with nothing particularly challenging in their life, I thought I was wise; then I couldn't cope with the can of worms I'd opened. So honestly, sorry.

As I've "grown up" there have been times when I've been obsessed with feeling like I know it all. Been arrogant and said "yes yes of course I know" rather than letting someone explain something I don't necessarily know that well. I now feel more humbled by the people around me and the experiences they've had than I ever had before. I feel less know it all and less grown up; and like I'm kind of a better person.
Long may that continue...

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